Save-Your Wednesdays is our Wednesday night program for 1-6 Graders during the summer months. It is called Save-Your Wednesdays because we do want the kids to “save their Wednesdays” to come to church, but also because we specifically talk about some aspect of the “Savior,” Jesus Christ. This might include subjects such as walking through the miracles, the parables, or the names of Jesus in Scripture.

For Save-Your Wednesdays, kids are divided up into 4 different teams throughout the entire summer – Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. At the beginning of each meeting, we compete in a special game for points that relates to the Bible passage we will be studying. Whether we are playing life-sized Battleship before talking about how Jesus calmed the storm or building objects out of gummy Legos to show how Jesus is Creator, it is always a fun and purposeful time!