One of the biggest goals of our Children’s Ministry here at Park Place is to equip families to participate in worship and discipleship together. As part of that, I wanted to pass along an excellent resource that your family might want to consider.

As far as music goes, our Children’s Ministry uses a lot of music from Seeds Family Worship, but one other resource we have also used is the Sing the Bible series by Slugs & Bugs. These CD’s are top notch in production value and are word-for-word Scripture, so that as your child (and you!) hear and learn the songs, you are memorizing Scripture. If your child is in Bible Drill and is familiar with the Old and New Testament Songs, those are from the Sing the Bible Series.

I write this post now because Slugs & Bugs is writing and recording 2 new Sing the Bible CD’s this year – one that focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus and one that focuses on Christmas. This is done through a website called Kickstarter, which is a really cool way to support artists, as it gives you the chance of purchasing different “packages” that gets you certain rewards for helping support the project.

Long story short, if you want the opportunity to buy 2 quality Scripture-song CD’s, head to this link!

To the right is a lyric video of the 10 Commandment song from their last CD that you can check out. Take notice of the way that the 10 Commandments are presented in the song:

The 10 Commandments, no one can keep them all

The 10 Commandments, even on your best behavior

The 10 Commandments, no one can keep them all

The 10 Commandments, and that’s why we need a Savior

Note that this song doesn’t go the route of, “You have to keep these commandments if you want to please God!” Instead, it presents the fact that we can’t keep God’s laws as we should, which means that we must have God’s help if we are to be saved! Instead of being a song that hints at legalism, it points to our desperate need for a Savior. Christ-centered lyrics like this are the main reason that I promote these albums to you and your family. My plan is to continue using these resources in the Children’s Ministry, and I would definitely encourage you to use them in your family as well!

* One quick side note. The 10 Commandment video does have the characters Frankenstein and Count Dracula in them helping to present some of the commandments. They aren’t presented in a scary way or anything, just didn’t want that to catch you off guard.