We must pray for discernment and follow the Holy Spirit as we witness to children.

  • Avoid using phrases such as “asking Jesus into your heart.” This can be confusing for children and doesn’t reflect the significance of the decision. Consider referring to this as a decision to follow Jesus.
  • The decision to become a Christian is BIG decision, and it is very important that a child understands this. Although a child will most likely pray when making this decision, it is much more than just praying a prayer. It is a life change!
  • Pray and ask God for wisdom and discernment before and while talking with a child about salvation, and look for evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work. Don’t pressure a child into repeating words and making a disingenuous decision that isn’t theirs. God may be using you to plant Gospel seeds that will lead to salvation at a future time.
  • That being said, we should not be hesitant to urge children to follow the Lord. Children, just as adults,    desperately need Him. Pray that God will do a saving work in the life of each child you talk to!